Mini pinscher 4months old

€380 (Negotiable)

Pets • Dogs • Doberman Pinschers
Added: 23 Oct. 2023, at 17:45 Ad ID number: #3140

Active: 4 months ago

Age Range: 4 - 12 Months
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Vaccinated: Yes


this wonderful MINIATURE PINSCHER is the fearless, playful, and very clever puppy. Knows some commands.
Learnt to eat both kinds of food: whatever we eat (except sweets, chocos, potatoes) on daytime, and dry dog's food for evening. He does his toilet outside - now we go for a quick walk 3 times a day, later on it will be 2 times per day. to be in the hands of responsible family, he must live inside the house or flat, as he can't survive in too cold or too hot temperatures. he loves swimming!

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